Flamingo floating feed maintenance

Complet food for flamingo floating feed maintenance

As low as CHF 26.00
  • Due to the extrusion process this feed has got good floating properties which allows species-appropriate feeding in the water.
  • Especially small extrudate for near natural feeding.
  • Without sprayed fat coating to prevent grease release into the water.
  • Needs-based supplementation with vitamins and trace elements.
  • High-quality animal and vegetable sources of protein.
  • Contains canthaxanthin for a natural plumage color (35 mg/kg).
  • Without any soybean and palmoil products.

Corn (NGMO), wheat, fish meal, lucerne flour, beet pulp, sunflower extraction meal (NGMO), minerals, vitamins, amino acids, canthaxanthin

Major nutrients(%):
Dry matter 88, Crude protein 20, Crude fat 3, Crude fiber 6, Crude ash 7, NFE 52, NDF 13, ADF 8, Starch 35, Sugar 3.

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