Ostrich breeding

Complet food for ostrich breeding.

As low as CHF 11.90
  • Supplementary feed to supplement the ration with necessary minerals, trace elements and vitamins.
  • With phytase to improve phosphorus utilization (6-phytase: 250 OTU/kg).
  • Especially high calcium : phosphorus ratio for the laying period.
  • Fish oil for natural omega-3 fatty acid.
  • 8 mm pellets for less loss due to other birds in the enclosure.

Alfalfa, wheat bran, wheat, soybean meal (NGMO), corn (NGMO), oat, sunflower cake, minerals, potato protein, straw meal, corn gluten (NGMO), soybean oil (NGMO), fish oil, trace element premix, vitamin premix, amino acid, enzymes, propionic and formic acid.

Major nutrients(%):
Dry matter 89, Crude protein 20, Crude fat 5, Crude fiber 10, Crude ash 14, NFE 40, NDF 21, ADF 12, Starch 19, Sugar 2.

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